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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
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Bottagisio, Sporting Center (Vr)


Xmountain Guide Alpine and Adige Rafting have created RAFT ‘N CLIMB

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From the ten year experience of the Veronese Associations that most represent the adventure in our territory, Xmountain Guide Alpine and Adige Rafting, a new synergy of water and rock is born: RAFT ‘n CLIMB.

Have you ever thought about reaching your rock climbing walls ???

RAFT ‘n CLIMB combines the experience of river navigation with that of climbing on the wall.

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Mountain Guide and Founder

Tommaso Dusi

Mountain Guide

Lorenzo D’addario

Rafting Guide and Master

Davide Cocchio

Mountain Guide

Nicola Tondini

Rafting Guide and Founder

Alessandro Marcolini

Mountain Guide

Nicola Sartori

Alpine Guide

Massimo Fiocco